Login Screen Not Signing In

I had to delete the welcome screen, sign up screen (for User and Business singup) and the Loading screen and create new ones to fix the error of the system telling me “Email already exists,” and it is fixed but now I can’t log in. Any one have any suggestion on how to fix this? I am watching Victor Kuzmichev’s video of a double-sided app (https://youtu.be/_FjSolSWukg) and am following his example exactly the way he showed it but something is still wrong. Is anyone still having this problem?

Hi @LaoEntrepreneur,

Perhaps you have some mistake in your setup. Could you please make a video of what’s happening from user perspective, and how did you set up the login and subsequent screens?


Hi Victor. You’re correct. I must’ve made a mistake with setup so I deleted that app and recreated a new one and it is fine now. Your tutorials are a lifesaver. I can’t thank you enough.

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Victor, I’m trying to create a dropdown menu for different types of Admins (Biz admin, Eats Admin and Pro Admin) to signup and the nested collection tutorial that Adalo has is not helping. Can you walk me through how to do that? Is it even possible?

Thank you for your kind words @LaoEntrepreneur!

Hi @LaoEntrepreneur,

May I please ask you to provide more explanation, what would you like to achieve? From user (and admin) perspective?

I’m creating a double sided app and each admin will have their own screens. I was able to do it this way and using the hide feature for each admin. Again, your tutorials really helped a lot. Thanks!

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