Login of an unregistered user to the event we need

I am creating an application where one user proposes an event to a person who is not already on the system. The only thing he knows about this user is his phone number. It creates a user with a temporary username, temporary mail, but with the correct phone number. Creates an event with his participation. Then he sends a link to the application and an offer to join via WhatsApp or Telegram. Now the user has downloaded the application and wants to see it in the list of offers and go to this event, but his user is new, even if he enters his phone number, since only the e-mail field is mandatory and unique. Could you tell me how to correctly implement the script? Two days of viewing and reading did not lead to anything except anger at myself)

I think it’s possible (someone could correct me here) to make an app without email login at all. You’ll need to build all the login and user management components yourself.

In short, when a user signs up with their phone number they’ll create a password and you’ll generate a random email address. For the login, use the phone number and password fields. For forget password, you’ll want to create a custom process texting the user’s phone number a random password and reseting it on their account.

Thank you Erik. I will try

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