Login only works on 2nd try

Each time I go to login with an existing account and correct password the login screen reboots once an then after entering login/pass it lets me in.

Same scenario each time.

Hi @rjoelitevolley ,

If you put conditional at link action after login, you might get this.

To resolve this, add another screen as intermediary and use visit screen action to have links with conditional.

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I do have a few on there. Thanks.

Would that be an issue on my sign-up page too?

I was thinking to put a loading screen with a lottie. Hoping that it shows only as long as it takes to get through the logic…

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It could be, but not sure.

Most of us using loading to show delay if it is significant.

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Appreciate your help. It worked.

Now I need to figure out this>

If you or anyone you know can help it would be amazing like this help above.

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