Login Problem. Help

Guys, I have a problem with the login.
When the user is going to log in to the application, even entering the correct login and password, he does not log in.
Then on the second attempt, there you can enter. Has anyone had this problem, and how to solve?

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Can you send over a screen recording of this issue or DM me your login email so that I can look at it?

Good afternoon!
Of course, which email I send to?

@ashley Hello. What email do I send to?

Hi @CNST, it happened to me too, on the second attempt the user entered the application correctly. In my case, the login form (user collection) provides a RoleID field whereby the application hijacks the user on one page instead of another.

I solved the problem by moving the user’s RoleID control, from the login form to a second page which redirects based on the role to which it belongs. In my case it worked.

Was there ever a solution for this or at least an explanation of why it happens and how we can avoid it? For me the problem is even more persistent: it takes much more than two attempts for it to log in even though the login details are correct.

Hello, how are you?

In my case, I ended up discovering why I was failing and always only entering the second attempt.

My users had a condition that was:
If the user has a “true” condition, go to screen 01, or If the user is “false”, go to screen 02.

I removed this condition and it didn’t happen anymore.

However, I had to split my application in two.
I copied my application, and left it only for users who have the condition “true” and or for “false”.

And since I split the app, I removed that condition.

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That’s great, @CNST.

I’m using an interim screen after the login to redirect users based on whether they are admin or not. However I’m still facing this issue with the log in.


Have you tried to remove all the user’s conditions, from the input button (which calls the screen you need) and do the test, just to confirm that the same thing happened to me.

Ok, I guess I’ll give it a try

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@CNST @ashley

Still having this problem. There are no conditions on the login form, it simply redirects to a page where the check is made and the user redirected to the appropriate screen.

But by today, two user accounts are refusing to login. After submitting login details, the login form just clears and nothing else happens.

Its a big issue for me as I’ve published this web app already.

I still had a condition I thought I had removed on the login form. @ashley also pointed me to a tutorial that showed I had to remove the “push” transition from login button’s link to the interim screen. The login is all good now. Thanks @ashley.


Have the same issue. Is this bug going to be fixed?

Hello @base1,
I didn’t get how you have resolved your issue.
I have found a “hack” to solve the problem in my app but I am looking for a real solution.

Can you please provide the link of the tutorial that helped you (I already checked this one by the way: Tutorials: users and admin access to different screens).

Also, are there any conditions left in your login form?

Hi @neige-i,

I guess the initial problem mentioned has been solved, so I’d advise to create a separate question in the forum.
Just in case: I would not advise to include any conditional actions after User Login or User Signup. The probability of these actions working incorrectly is quite high.
If you want to direct different type of users to different screens, use a separate “routing” screen for that, which you can put right after the login/signup.

Best regards, Victor,

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Hi @neige-i

No there weren’t any conditions left on the login form. and I removed the “push” transition from the link action of the login button. On the interim screen, I handled all the checks that redirected the user to the appropriate screen.

Its been a while so I’m trying to locate my interaction with @ashley to get the link.

The advice from @Victor is spot on.

Best regards, Base1

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Thanks for your replies @Victor @base1.

The alternative that also worked for me was to move the Link actions from the login’s form to the login screen’s Actions section. That way, I didn’t need an extra routing/interim screen ^^


Hi @neige-i,

Technically this might work (as the screen is kind of “reloaded” after the button press, so the on-screen-enter actions are re-run). Personally I’m not sure how stable will this work - this is more like a “hack”. I’m still voting for an interim screen :slight_smile:

For the conditionals see the thread here for example: Problem restricting users without access code

Best regards, Victor.