Login Problem. Help

Guys, I have a problem with the login.
When the user is going to log in to the application, even entering the correct login and password, he does not log in.
Then on the second attempt, there you can enter. Has anyone had this problem, and how to solve?

Can you send over a screen recording of this issue or DM me your login email so that I can look at it?

Good afternoon!
Of course, which email I send to?

@ashley Hello. What email do I send to?

Hi @CNST, it happened to me too, on the second attempt the user entered the application correctly. In my case, the login form (user collection) provides a RoleID field whereby the application hijacks the user on one page instead of another.

I solved the problem by moving the user’s RoleID control, from the login form to a second page which redirects based on the role to which it belongs. In my case it worked.