Sign Up issue to auto update another T/F field to send the user to correct screen

Having real trouble updating a T/F entry for the User signing up.

It is based on whatever the registrant selects in a drop-down and I wanted to auto-update a T/F field so that the newly logged-in user will go to the correct page for their user type.

Can you please send a screent of the error and components please?

So after sign up, I verify email and phone…

THEN they should pass through a loading screen and then they will be redirected to a continuation of registering details to their user account, after 2-3 steps be passed into a profile unique to one of the 3 master user types.

I am trying to use the user type dropdowns to then change a couple T/F fields, so that on the loading screen.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 7.14.19 PM

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