Login Screen w/Email & Password against Airtable DB

This Adalo newbie is really struggling with “just” the login screen! I simply want to verify against my Airtable database that has two fields: email & password.

In the above “Login Action”, I don’t recall having the choice to use an external collection for these fields?
Also, what is a Login Type?
The other part that’s confusing (to me :slight_smile: ) is the external API call.

It would seem like I would need one that looks something like this:

But I don’t see such an option in the test you can do with Adalo. If I run my test, I get back all the rows in that table (which is just one at this point), but it’s certainly not validating against an email and password.

Last time I set one of these up with Airtable the login setup was done during the initial setup screens for the external database.