External Users in Airtable?

We’re coming back to try Adalo after a year or so, and I’m trying to figure out if there is a way of having application users either in an Airtable database, or a method of synching the user collection with an external collection in Airtable (using Zapier).

At some point there was an external users beta - is that functionality in Adalo now?

  1. You can set up external databases to set up the user login and signup functionality directly from the airtable API. login and signup work fine using external collections.

  2. If you decide to use internal collections, you can use Make.com to send your airtable user data to adalo by creating a scenario on make to send the user details to adalo.

  3. You can use Airtable’s in-built app builder to create workflows, automation and applications if you want to.

Thanks for the reply, @Sahira_Mehta - is there a need to make use of the “external users beta” to set up Airtable API for user login and signup? Or is that just an external collection that is used instead of the internal user collection?

Also - are you aware of a tutorial on how to set this up properly?