Login with wordpress account

Hi. I am following this thread with interest. I have Wordpress sites which I want to use as the database for an Adalo app, using Wordpress (and other) APIs.
My question is -
some of the data in my Wordpress is encrypted, and only specified roles/users have rights to view the data (all done with gravity forms and an encryption plugin).
I understand I can access the gravity forms api from adalo quite easily. But, unless Wordpress sees the api request as coming from a logged in user with the necessary privileges, the data won’t be unencrypted.
Is there a way of getting a Wordpress login from an adalo app?

Did you try assigning these privileges to the credentials you’re using for authentification via API? :slight_smile:

Yes you are onto something. In GF REST API each api key can be configured to mimic a different user/role within Wordpress. So this will take care of the encryption issue. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.
As an aside - can adalo apps bring in content from external webpages ? Eg iframes ?
And can adalo allow us to configure specialised functions by inserting JavaScript / php ?

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