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I can’t connect my user data that I have on my site (wordpress) via the API. So they can connect to my app with their accounts they already have created on my site. Is it possible?

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Can you help me please ?

Hey Victoire! You could try to connect the User Data in your WP as an external collection via the wordpress API. You can find the API documentation here:

However, using external Data collections is a pro feature and would require you to upgrade to the Pro Plan. Hope that helps.

Hello, thank you for your answer.

Yes I tried but I only got error messages, but I managed to connect something else thanks to the API.

Do you think it is possible to connect user data with adalo?

Yes, I do think it is possible. However, the Wordpress User data might be a bit tricky. Can you give us a little bit more info as to what type of data we are talking about? Where are they stored? Do you use certain plugins?

These are the log in data. For example, I would like a customer who has registered on my site to be able to log in to the application

Ah, okay. This should be fairly simply, especially if there is no other excahnges needed you can simply setup a Zapier Workflow:

Just have the User Signup trigger the workflow and then post the data into the Adalo user collection.

I tried but it is impossible to connect the data. You can create a new user but without the data.

I dont get that. Can you please specify?

I can actually create a zap, when someone registers on my site it will create an account on adalo but without the user data.
As you can see on this screen, I can’t choose the data that will be sent and when I do the test it creates a user but without any data.

This is most likely connected to the settings of your wordpress environment. WHat types of data would you like to transfer? Where is it stored?

I wish to transfer emails, passwords, name etc… In order for users to be able to log in to the app

Can you post a screen of the whole zap please?

Hi there,

Sorry for interfering, just a small thought - may be it is worth trying to implement the scheme from Adalo side? I.e. create a custom login form (just for email and password), and when user logs in, there is a custom action to WP, checking if this user exists? And if yes - create an account?
I think you did something like this @AXIOM ?

Though password will be tricky :((


Hello @Victor , in fact what I want to do is that my users who have an account on my site (wordpress) can connect to the app in Adalo without having to create a new account. Do you think it’s possible ?


@Victor I am doing it from the other side with my existing FileMaker Database. Posting users from my App to the Claris FileMaker. But once they have their UUIDs and the Element ID will be available (@David & @anon78309838 :star_struck: ) it’d be easy.

For Victoires Zap I cannot see from what we have here, why it would not work. I mean, you can find the user and matching the fields is trivial. What are we missing?

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I don’t know but when I launch the zap, it creates me a user indeed but without any data

For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that some API’s (including Adalo’s) will let you create a user, but won’t let you access certain properties programmatically.

If you ever try to create an Adalo user through the Adalo API you’ll notice it will let you create everything except for the password. Not quite sure why that is.

I think you could however, use a Custom action on signup that uses the user’s username to find them in the Wordpress side (using the “Retrieve user” endpoint), then creates a user in Adalo with the retrieved info. Do note that the password is “Never included” as it says. You would then prompt the user to reset their password to login to the app for the first time - this would be like an email verification step.

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