Logo Looks Transparent

I am using a logo at the top of one of my pages and its looking faded like its transparent. I have checked the Edit Styles to make sure it Opacity is all the way up, moved it to the top of the components list, and its still looking transparent. Any ideas why this is happening?

Also, it seems when I am trying to preview my app, it gives me a weird look vs whats actually being designed. Have you guys been having issues with that? Thanks


Interesting. Not sure. Have you tried placing the logo on a solid color; just to see if the photo had something to do with it? Like you said, you tried the transparency; don’t know what else it could be.

Design Note: If you get the logo to show opaque, you may want to consider blurring the background image. It will help make your logo POP a bit more.

Yea it works fine when i place it over the purple menu i have but not sure why it is showing faded like that. If I go to Styles and move it to Bottom or Top for “Fixed” it shows up perfectly but then its just stuck on the screen and I dont want that.

I am getting issues in a few places where it looks good when Im editing but when I preview it looks off

Ok, so I was able to fix it by uploading a previously edited (tinted) photo instead of having a photo and using a tinted rectangle overlay. Still not sure why that was effecting it because the logo was on top but it seems to be working now.

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