Background blur is also blurring front text

Hi, I am trying to create a list with two items: a picture and a text; My goal is to display them as a category choosing list, with the image in the back (With 20 oppacity) and the text in the front (With 100% oppacity) but even though it works in the editor, once I click on Preview or Share, the text is also being blurred and displayed with the same oppacity as the image.
Can comeone help me?

Can you provide a screenshot?

It looks like an arrangement issue.

Arrange the text to the front and the image to the back.

I’ve noticed this as well.

If you put anything layered over an image or rectangle and the image or rectangle has a lower opacity, everything that’s layered over them will retain the same opacity.

Edit your image so that the image itself has the 20% opacity and export it as a PNG.

Open your image in Photoshop (or your preferred editing software). Set the image’s opacity to 20%. Export as PNG.

This will retain the transparency of the image and it will not affect the layers that are sitting on top of it.

See here, the top one is an image where I’ve lowered the opacity then uploaded it to the app. The 2nd one is a rectangle where I’ve lowered the opacity on the rectangle only. You’ll see that the text also has 40% opacity because the rectangle behind it contains 40% opacity.

This would solve the issue, but I will not be the one uploading the pictures, and force the users to do this wuoldn’t be a good experience.

Does anyone have another suggestion?