Long Lists in editor

Right now every list in the editor is 3 long, can this be reduced to 1? I Don’t really see the benefit in it. My screens can get pretty long if I use a list in it with an image for example.

Can I see picture of it?

I just want to see one item, not 3! (In the editor)

Look how long it gets in the editor
Imagine if I added an image too

If you test it it should show 1, or adds on every time user put something on the list, But i f you want it show one only do this…


See preview, and you would see it going to update and adds on if every user adds into list.

That only works in the app, but it’s about the editor. While I am editing the app I don’t want to see 3 items.

I want the preview of the list in the editor to only preview 1 item, not 3.

Its isn’t possible in adalo, but if you insist here is a tricky way I found out, its simple…

See those yellow stuff, just do the following, move it up until it goes up, and yeah then you’re done…

I have made cloneable app just for you!

listforfourm (adalo.com)

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Notify me if this helps!

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Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately I already knew that works for custom lists, but for non custom lists you can set the height:(
I thought I maybe missed something, since it is kinda strange, but it is the way it is, hopefully Adalo changes it soon. Or gives the possibility to change it.

I am glad I helped, any problem make sure to ask

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