Looking for Adalo Developer

Hey Adalo Community!

I’ve built a product with a couple of my friends on Adalo that is currently in Beta. We plan to launch in early January.

I got a new job that’s starting next week which is why I can no longer work on this product. The team is looking for a developer to replace me as CTO.

If you are interested in this please comment on this post. You would be getting about $2,000 and then the ability to earn equity.

The product is awesome and it sucks I can’t work on it anymore, but I want to find someone who can pickup right where I left off.

What’s the product?

I’d be interested to hear some more as well.

I’d be definitely interested. Please send me more info.

@Mitch-Pragmaflow @Bobby @loneguy can all of you email me at ajpicard25@icloud.com and I’ll explain more details about the project? I also want to ask you some questions. Thank you!!!

Hey, i’m interested in this. Sounds interesting.

Can you please email me at Contact@SauceDesigns.io