Looking for design ideas for FAQ function

Has anyone built an FAQ (frequently asked questions) function for their app?

I know how to do it on a website. Just looking for design ideas for my Adalo app.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

I’d recommend making it a custom list so that you can update it on the database rather than via app updates. I’d create an FAQ collection with question and answer, and perhaps an integer for ‘position’ in the list. So you can add the Q and A and order the list by the integer.

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This is helpful. Thank you.

Has anyone out there built an FAQ for their app? I’d really like to see some examples.

One way I see to do it would be to create an FAQ screen containing a list all the FAQ questions, and an answer screen (or a modal popup) to present a single answer. But what I’d really like is to have each question expand with the answer appearing below the clicked question, and then contracting again when another question is clicked. This is the most common FAQ style I see on most apps and websites. Is this possible with Adalo?

Hey Mike,

I did something very simple that you can take a look at it. It’s not exactly how you want but I think it will help you.


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This is really helpful. Thanks.

Is it possible to close the open answer when a new question is clicked? So that only one answer is visible at a time?

Hi Michael :wave:

How about using @knight 's Accordion component? It’s great and I actually love it.

Check it here.



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