Is it possible to create a Question & Answer section in Adalo

We want our subscribers to be able to ask us questions and answer them. Is there a way to do that in Adalo? Maybe using chat or forms?

The problem I can’t figure out is how to respond to a specific question so that there is a user question and our answer next to it.

Anyone know how to do this?

Have a questions collection, and an answers collection. Have a relationship between them - an answer can have one question, a question can have many answers.

Have a list of questions.
Option A) Link to the answer page where you have a list of answers (current question > answers).

Option B) If you want it all on one page have a custom list of questions, and put a custom list of answers inside that.


THANK YOU so much Nathan! I’ll give that a try. How do I put a list inside another list?

Hi Kalee :wave:

Nathan did a video to help another one.

Here it is. You can check.

Add a custom list and connect it to the questions collection and adjust the rectangle of the list a bit to add the other list. And after that add another custom list on the added list and connect it to the Answers collection and set the filter as Current question > answers.

Thank you

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WOW, thank you very much Dilon! I never expected to get so much help, you’re both awesome for taking the time to help a newbie!


Your welcome :muscle:

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Thanks Nathan! I was able to create exactly what I wanted by using your instructions above and your video @dilon_perera mentioned in his response…you’re both awesome.


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