Custom form for a questionnaire app?

Just started with Adalo so please excuse my basic questions… I’m building a questionnaire and have a bunch of questions I want to ask my respondents. the answer will always be a number from 1-7.

I would really like to have this as little buttons. Like:

“How many apples would you like?”
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

And the one they click gets marked in a diffrent color and they can scroll down to next question. And then click submit at the bottom. Is this possible? Right now I don’t even know where to start.

It’s possible but you need to learn how to use Adalo first, it would take me an hour to sit down and write out instructions how to do this and why you need to do certain things to make it possible and for you to really understand. Check out youtube tutorials from @michael.ionita and @Victor on YouTube.

Believe me, you will learn a large amount of how things work in a short time.


Hi @Meibe ,

Adding to what @Briggsy has said,

Here is the cloneable app that you can explore,

Questionnaire (

It continue to ask questions after finish.

You can see how the visibility is used, much like online ordering.


Thank you for your tips! I shall continue my quest one step at a time.

Another way I’m considering is if I should create an empty row first as soon as the questionnaire opens. And then have every button update the right column as soon as it is pressed. Maby even make each question on a separate screen. That way I could just make the buttons also send them to the next question as soon as they answer.

This makes a lot of sence because the employe should enter some info before they hand the questionnaire to the client.

And if the client goes back and forwards in the questions maby I can use the value in the column to change the background color of the previously selected value of the button.

Lots of things to try. Thanks again!

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Hi Martin @Meibe,

In addition to the advices above, this video might be useful for you: Adalo hints: creating several repetitive data driven screens - with just one screen in the app. - YouTube

As for marking correct answer in a different color - you can use visibility conditions or magic color rectangle component (which is more complicated to use).

Best regards, Victor.

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