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Hi, I’m using a link shortner to replace the daily recording of a Zoom class (each day the recording is available for until the next class’ recording is ready).

I’m doing this because it’s easier to replace the shortner as that stays the same, but redirect link changes.

I’ve tried to embed the shortned link using the plyr component, and the HTML component but neither renders the video.

The html works when I check it online with W3c schools.

Any ideas on either how I can do this, or what the issue may be with the methods that I’ve tried


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Hi Helen,

Try with the Better Webview component that Pragmaflow created! You can add HTMl there!

Better Web View Component :


Instructions to Download the Better Web View Component :

Thank you


Thanks Dilon, very happy now it works and it embeds the correct video using the database column name :slight_smile:

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Hi Dilon,
Is there a video tutorial for this. I’m trying to get this by following the instructions link you provided but in my Adalo account, I don’t have the Developer link. Is there a tutorial somewhere that you can point me to? Thanks.

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Hi Solomon,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Steven made a video how to download the components : PragmaFlow's Adalo Marketplace Reopened - YouTube

To see the Developer Section you need to enable the Developer mode! You can find it on the Settings section once you click on the Profile icon in the Editor right side!

Thank you


Much appreciated. Watching the video now.


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