Looking for direction on a query formula

Hey - Looking for thoughts on how to approach developing a query / results formula. I’m on day 2 of Adelo with not a ton of patience left. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Here’s the setup:

2 Collections: Collection A, Collection B
2 Screens: Request Screen, Offers List Screen

  1. Collection A has 4 fields: House Name, Category, City and Balance ($100).

  2. From a form on the Request Screen with 3 drop down menus, Users select a Category, City and an Amount. These 3 data points are submitted to Collection B.

  3. Here’s the question:

On the Offers List Screen, need to show the results of a query that took the data from the Request Screen (Category, City and Amount) now residing in Collection B and compared it to Collection A for the answers. These answers will add the House name to the answer set, providing the Users with the info they seek.

Additionally, I need the formula to deduct the Users requested Amount from the Balance Total in Collection A and adjust that Total to be the new Balance.

Can’t find videos / tutorials on writing formulas for List results that are dependent on inputs from another screen, with data in a separate Collection.

Thanks again !

First thing first,

Have you set the relationship between collection A and B?

Yes, Collections A & B are connected via a Multi-Relationship (multiple Offers can have multiple Requests).


In the request screen collects category, Citu and amount from the user. Navigate to offer screen and read collection A with lists then show the result using list filter.

If you want to show the Balance in the offer screen, use customer formula ( Current Collection A Balance - current Collection B amount) But this will not update the Collection A table, user has to update the collection A table by some action.

You can private message, I can help you.