Looking for feedback: Sharing no-code template, Zap/integromat automations

Just finished yesterday a marketplace where everyone can sell (or share for free) their nocode templates, automations (also zaps, integromat scenarios), custom actions, tutorials

The idea is to make buying from other makers more transparent, so people feel more comfortable buying no-code from people they don’t know.

It’s brand new so nobody has posted anything yet (except me)

I’d love to hear what you think, what can be improved to make it more useful to other makers.

Feel free to DM me any questions and thank you :slight_smile:


Great idea, quickly executed. Good luck with your venture @axme
I will be along for the ride :v:

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thank you @Rozza for supporting the project and for your feedback, it was great chatting with you!
keep in touch :slight_smile:

Cool! Just seen the website, maybe I will share something too in future

I purchased a tutorial video from NoCodeShare. @axme was very detailed in the video, explaining step by step what to do and what everything meant along the way.

Great work!

I will definitely jump into this, but now that Adalo 2.0 is out you could make it responsive for mobile :grimacing:
I don’t always have my PC with me


You’re right, will make it responsive this weekend. thanks Eugen!

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