NoCodeSetup template marketplace – Makers, Let's Partner!

Hey Makers!

My name is Andrew, I’m the founder of We are building a marketplace of no-code courses and templates.

We are looking for makers who would like to place their apps as templates in our marketplace to get an additional passive income. Modified version of your original app (to escape cloning of your app) is also acceptable.

To get more info, please feel free to contact me:

Happy New Year to all of you!) :snowman_with_snow: :christmas_tree: :star2:

Best regards,
Andrew Ladoshkin

What about selling tutorials together with the templates? Thank you.

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Hi Sebastas,

I think that, in general, target groups for tutorials and templates are different. So it would be definetely beneficial for everybody to sell both.
Additionally, tutorial could be useful as a specification for a template.

But it’s up to a maker, whether to make a tutorial according to their template.