Looking for "Video Upload Flow" that works

Hello everyone,

I use Adalo since 2 weeks and i’m reaching a problem to complete my app. My service has to allow to users to upload shorts videos (less than 2 minutes on their account). This is what i tried so far :

  • File uploader by Adalo : Does not allow larger file than 50mb, which is not enough for my case.

  • Adalify : Allow larger file size upload BUT the experience isn’t great on mobile AND when i choose “Take a video” on the iOS flow (by clicking on browse file link), it crashes the app.

  • WebRTC in a webview : same problem : when i choose “Take a video” (by clicking on browse file), it crashes the app.

So it seems unfeasable to reach the camera for video in webviews before a file upload. Do you confirm ?

I am looking for :

  1. solutions/tips to not let the app crash when clicking on “Take a video”, like How not allow this option on Adalify.
  2. a developper that could build a component for my need. I provide the design and this is a paid project.

Thank you so much for your help.

Have a good day.

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