Looking to Hire Component Developer

I’m looking for a component developer who can build a custom component in React Native (or whichever program) to open the front camera only (not the phone’s photo library) that will take a real-time picture of users and save it to the database, etc. I hired a developer to build the component in React Native but it’s not working because I can’t send a new build to App Store.

Is there anyone in this community that can do this job or knows someone outside of Adalo who can help me with this? My app hinges on this one component in order for it to be completed. FYI, this is an upgrade. Our app has already been approved by App Store and Google Play.

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May i ask why you were not able to build to the App store?

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The Error log says “Error packaging up the application.”

I’m attaching a screen of the error script for your info. I see that you are a custom component builder. Do you code in React Native? Send me a DM please. Let’s talk offline. Thanks!

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Just an update. I fixed this. Apparently, my app developer that I hired created a new bundle id or something similar so Apple won’t let you publish to a new id. It pays to hire people who know what they’re doing. In the end, I had to fix it myself. :slight_smile: