Lookup database field from random number


I need to view a record in a database based on a random number. I can create the random number using the RAND feature but cannot see how to create a view of the corresponding record in the database.

The structure of the database is Number, Card, Grade, Gender. The Number field is the RAND number and I need to display just the associated Card record. Is this possible?


Welcome to the community @SPower :sunglasses:

Is this an internal database collection or an external database that you’re querying?

If you’re using the internal Adalo database, you can add an on-screen action to update the logged-in user with a random number using the RAND function.

Then add a list of the database collection you want to display and add a custom filter to display that record:

If it’s an external database collection, it may be possible to add a query parameter to filter the random number using a custom formula:

This would depend on the API that you’re using for the external collection.