Losing the "current data" after I create a Link to screen

Yoo guys i have a strange bug… when i copy an app and then create a ‘link’ i can’t see the ‘current data’ anymore… any ideas how this could happen?



Hey @dabegeere, you must make sure that your collections are copied over to the new app as well.

Also, sometimes you’d have to reconfigure the links and make sure buttons are transferring the current data properly to the next screen linked.

Yes, they use the same database. But the problem is that when copied it’s basically the same app and I can’t access the data anymore… But only after I make a change to the app so before the change I can access the data properly

Smells like a bug to me, but would have to wait for the support team to confirm.

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This seems like the same case as this recent post: Copying and Pasting issues

Yes true… but I’m copying the whole app and only when I create a new link everything breaks…

(I copy the app to have some version control and be sure the main app doesn’t break)

Can you create a short video demonstrating that process? It will help us to identify the cause of this.

Just can’t access the current data anymore… on all apps using that data base

I cannot reproduce this problem on my side @dabegeere. Are you able to make a video if you are still experiencing this issue?

Nope because it’s probably a bug or because we also published it as a real app. We’re now updating the “real” app to see if that helps… some things work now but a few don’t, we ended up editing the live app…

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