Loss of data on the screen

How is this problem solved? Please tell me. I have seen many answers, but I have not found an understandable one yet.

Hi Nik,

Did you watch these videos to help you?

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Yes, I watched this video. But I still do not understand at what stage the data is lost? I checked all screens and everything looks good.

Could you take a screen recording of some of the screens you are experiencing this issue?

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Of course

I don’t know if this helps or hurts and my brain may work differently than others but…

If the user signs in and you direct them to any page - it sends that logged in user’s data.

If you create a link to do anything in the second page, it needs to send that specific data along with it (e.g. a user or a company or whatever).

If you have multiple buttons on that first page that sends them somewhere… you can also make each button a “list” (convert it to a list) and choose “a list of” - all users or maybe (the logged-in user’s company’s…item) and then inside that list you’ll have the button (a component within the list you made or converted). That way it will send the specific data you need on the NEXT page. You can make that list whatever you need to to get the right data on the NEXT page.?.?

Any wisdom is welcome, but did that sound right veterans?

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