Data is sent to 2nd screen but not to 3rd screen

I have a screen with a conversation that has a button to another screen that sends the data “Current Conversation” (I checked and that data is available in the 2nd screen) but when I add a button in that 2nd screen to a 3rd screen, it doesn’t send Current Conversation. The button itself doesn’t show any data being sent.
There’s no other screen linking to that 3rd screen, this is the only link.

What may be the issue here?

But that 3rd screen have what in it? The problem should be in the 3rd screen

It just has a text input with a button to add a record to a collection that is related to the Conversation (simple example: if a Conversation had a relationship with a collection called “Topics” that were being discussed in that conversation, that 3rd screen allows the User to create a new topic, related to that conversation).

I’ve even tried linking to a new, blank screen, and the data isn’t sent over

Can you show a print screen?

Here you can see the Available Data in a screen, that is not sent through the button to a brand new screen.

Hi @afonso,

If you mean that data is not displayed in “Link” Action (usually under the label “Send This Data to Linked List Add Before Screen”) - this field is glitchy and not always correct.

If you add a completely new screen, and link a button to it - what does it have in “Available Data”?


Hi @Victor ,

It doesn’t have any data available:


Hi @afonso,

That’s bizarre. As for me it’s worth submitting a support ticket for this case.

Best regards, Victor.

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@pford I’ve seen you made some videos about this problem.
Do you know what may be the issue here?

Hmmm. You said the Current Conversation data is available on the second screen (the one that has the button)?

You can see here that the screen has the data “Current Convite” (means ‘invite’).
This is like a settings screen of that invite.

And then you can see that when I add a button to a new blank screen, the button doesn’t send that “Current Convite” data, or any other of the available data.

That is bizarre indeed. What happens if you add a different type of button like an icon? Can you DM me a preview link of your app?

This data does not go from a second to a third screen, unless you specifically are sending it via a list. i.e. “current data” is only passed through one link action, even if it is “available” on the second screen, that does not mean it sends all of this data through to the next screen link. If this was the case, all screens in the entire app would have every “current” record data available. And that’s not ideal.

I guess another way to say this is that if the data is available on a screen because it was sent there from another screen, it will not be passed to the next screen, unless you are explicitly sending this data from that screen to the next, via clicking through a list.


Hi Ben.

Thanks a lot for the reply, that makes sense.

I have a question though, regarding my app:

  • I have a screen with a list of conversations, like a regular chat app.
  • It sends me to the screen of each conversation, where above the text input field to write a new message I have a couple of icons.
  • Every icon I have sends the ‘current conversation’ data to another screen (and they’re just icons, not a list with an icon)

How can that be?

Another question about this solution:

  • if I have to create a list to link the data, won’t that slow the performance of the app in that screen, given that one of the performance advices in Adalo is to not have many lists per screen?

Thanks for the help!