Missing info even if data is correctly linked

I have User_info_16 screen that contains Current User as linked data.

Inside User_info_16, there is a button with an action that links to User_info_17 screen.
As you can see in the screenshot below, Current User is sent to User_info_17.

The problem is inside User_info_17, the data is missing from *User_info_16 and I don’t know why

Am I missing something here?
N.B. #1 I think this problem “suddently” appears and was not from the beginning.
N.B. #2 I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but the Editor is really slow.

Hi Neige,

I would watch this video.

Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks

Thank you, but the video did not solve my problem.
As I said in my post, the link correctly sends the data. But it is not available in the new screen. I have to delete the link inside User_info_16 to make the Current User available again in User_info_17. You can see there is no error in the screenshot below (it doesn’t show the “Data missing from this link” error).
I have this kind of scenario in many places (link from User_info_2 to User_info_3, from User_info_8 to User_info_9…) which work perfectly withut any problem.

What are those user_info screens for?

They show user information details. The info change according to the user’s status to display appropriate info, there are as many screens than there are possible status.

It would help if you take a couple more screenshots or a screen recording so I can see exactly what the problem is.

I didn’t really notice it until now but, the home and welcome screens don’t contain any available data even if a screen is linking data to it.

I think one of the reasons of my problem was because data was missing from the home screen. To solve this I could set a blank screen as home that redirects to my actual home screen but it would be a quick and dirty trick rather than a real solution.
Instead, I reconsider my navigation flow and redesign my screens to improve the app. Now I don’t have any Data missing from this link error, so that’s fine.

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