Lottie (Hidden) Check-mark animation in a list

I’m working on an exercise tracker app. It gives you a list of exercises (a literal adalo list) with a toggle checkmark for each one, so you can track your progress. WHAT I WANT is for a lottie file animation to play anytime the toggle is turned ON, right in the place where the toggle is (the animation is also that of a checkmark and it fits one-to-one to my actual checkmark). Also, it’d make sense if this animation played every time the user turns the toggle on (I’m assuming that’s exactly how it works when you turn it visible/invisible, but thats just my understanding of how adalo handles lotties)

Currently, when loading the list, adalo only loads the top part of the first element in the list, as if the moment it gets to loading the lottie file it freezes up and gives up. I have the lottie file said to be sometimes visible (specifically, if current exercise → “users who have completed it” includes logged in user, which is exactly what the toggle tracks)

I have also noticed that I can still check off this first element, in which case the animation plays and this single element is rendered normally, but the rest of the exercises straight up don’t work.