Loading animation or text for list

Hi everyone !

I have a list of news with Airtable. What I want is during loading data, an animation or text appear and disappear when data is loaded.

Do you know any tips for doing that ?

Thank you !

You can put a large rectangle that covers the screen and place lottie animation over it.

Add an input component to your screen and set a default value of 0.

Set the lottie animation to only be visible when the input is equal to 0.

Put a 1 second countdown timer in your custom list and set the countdown finished action to change the input value of the input to 1.

Once the list loads, the timer will update the input to 1 and hide the lottie animation. The custom list will float up to replace the lottie animation.

You may need another rectangle behind both lottie and the list to ensure that the list floats up to replace the lottie animation once it’s hidden.


Thank you for your tip !

I will test that :slight_smile: