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While we wait until the Adalo team upgrades their server for a better app experience, here is a tip:

Put a lottie file behind pictures, and find a loading image animation which will play until the pictures load. This gives the user the impression that there is a picture coming soon, and will result in a better app experience.

Here is a demo video:


That’s really nice. I will use that!

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@Shinnawy thanks for this. question: how do I put a lottie file behind an image? sorry if it’s a silly question.

Great tip, thanks :slight_smile:

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just use the “arrange” to send to back

It’s a great idea :clap: Do you have any dolts on performance with big lists? :question: I don’t know how Lottie is rendered and if it impacts overall performance (smooth horizontal lists scroll, etc). :thinking: I mean, my iPhone is running beautifully :rocket: , my concern is an old android with low memory (ram)

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Súper good idea.

Im use tricks similar this for hack the mind of the user but this is so good :smiley:

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Big lists cause performance issues, it’s just an adalo thing we have to deal with until the servers are fixed.
Adalo android performance is always slow, even high newer phones. Again, hopefully to be fixed after server updates.

i have found if you use any shadows in your big lists that taking them off makes a huge difference.

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