Magic Text + Audio Player = Not working


I’m using magic text to pull the URL’s to my sound files, but when I go to preview it, it does NOT load the sound or even register its time, etc.

Is this bugged or is there something else I’m needing to get it working with magic text?

The link works if I DO NOT use magic text. But when I use magic text, it DOES NOT work or load the URL.

My assumption, magic text + audio player doesn’t work in preview, but only after we build to the stores?

Hi Mark,

This should work, have you tried playing the audio URL’s without the audio player in your browser?

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Hi Mark :wave:

I tried and worked for me. Try deleting the Audio Player and add it again and add URL. But I noticed one thing if you have added a URL via relationship like Current song>actual sound>URL it’s not working. But if you have create a text property on songs collection and added that URL then it’s working. Not sure if this is the problem.

Thank you

Yeah, relationships is where I guess it’s not working. Just funky weird but its working now. Thanks!

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