Magic text data in custom component

I’m building my own custom component and I have a text input. In the Adalo UI, I want to specify a magic text like “user->profile” and have the value passed into the props of the custom component.

But, I’m only getting “User Profile” as the value in the props. How can magic text value be appropriately substituted by Adalo before calling the custom component?

Looks like I’m missing something basic since no one else has asked this question.

Hi @blurbee,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Not a component developer but just tagging some devs that can help you!

@Michael , @njimmy10 , @James_App_Maker , @knight

Also I think you could join the slack channel made for component devs from here ( scroll to the bottom )

or you could Submit a Support Ticket!

Thank you

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