Main menu collection - can't link to individual screens

I have a screen called “Main Menu”, containing links to the various screens in my app. The menu is populated from a collection called MainMenuItems which contains a custom list of key screens, like “Events”, “FAQs”, “Resources”, etc.

I’m doing it this way to avoid having to manually create and space each item in the list, which I think will keep the Main Menu cleaner and neater.

Now I’m trying to set up the click action (links) for the items in the list. But when I try to direct the link, all I see are the individual screens. There is no “current main menu item” option.

I think I need to create a relationship, but I’m lost here. From the MainMenuItems collection, the only relationship options are a list of all the other collections. Am I supposed to create relationships with each collection separately?

What am I not understanding here? Please help!

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