Elements still not holding positions

Hi, I’ve encountered again the same issues with elements not holding the positions, mainly scrolling lists. It’s really annoying and I’ve spent hours trying to resolve that. Did anyone manage to resolve that? I know the issue was addressed many times but seems like nothing is happening. Thanks.

I’ve encountered this a few times too.

It’s waste of time to build anything if you cannot do this. Then the whole app loses any kind of quality with elements jumping all over the screen.

Agreed! I know they are working a lot on the platform and they are about to launch a big update in a few weeks.

I have tried a few different mobile app builders, and none of them come close to the UI of Adalo.

My hope is that they are profitable and doing well as a company. I have clients who are getting interested in apps being built for them.

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Group what you can group, and do not hesitate to create empty section (rectangle) to avoid slipping component. One of the secret is to not have any “blank space” between component, so group when you can group, and add some “glue” (empty section) when you want to add space between components (horizontally and vertically)


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