Make elements scroll without a list

I have several group of elements that I added via groups of rectangles and images. I cannot make them a list because each has a different background color and shape. When the items exceed the screen height, they do not scroll automatically. How do I set the screen to automatically scroll based on the items on the screen?

Hi @qasidhelp,

If you would like to scroll the screen to the very bottom, you can set up “reverse scrolling” in Screen properties on the left pane (select your screen → Edit Styles on the bottom of left pane → Reverse Scroll).


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Thanks @Victor I did that. Now in the preview for Iphone SE where the bottom content is normally cut off, I see that the top content is now cut off. Does the preview not show scroll?

I tried it on the previewer on the phone also and it does not scroll.

Actually, I figured it out. In the browser preview, one needs to use arrow keys or scroll wheel. On the phone previewer, it scrolls fine. :grinning:

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