Make New Collection from Filtered Collection

Hello, I’d like to ask please, how to create a new collection from a filtered collection.
I have a screen where the user can use toggle buttons to select a subset of records in a collection.
I’d like to create a new collection from the selected records (could be many records).
So far I’ve set it up so the toggles set a flag in a new field, and then I use a filtered list to find the selected subset. That works well, but there are other actions, like random record selector, that don’t support filtering.
I could try using conditional buttons but toggles look easier.
Thank you!

Hi @Russ,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create a new Collection from within the app. One can set up the collection and its properties only from the editor.

As for your task, this could be done in various different ways. For example, you could create a Many-to-Many connection from the original collection to Users collection, and add/remove the connection for a particular record for Logged-in user when he/she clicks the button.
Or you could create a separate “Selected items” collection (have User and Item there) and add the records to it.

The best way depends on what you would like to achieve. If you share more info about your task in general, there is more chance of getting a detailed advice with a solution :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Victor, thank you for your support on this question and also your other Forum helps and YouTube videos.
The options you put out are helpful workarounds, much appreciated!
Kind regards,

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