Can't filter for empty Date


Unfortunately it’s impossible to filter a list by a date field that has empty/null date values to only show the empty ones. Curiously the empty date is always considered to be newest when it should actually be oldest, so it shows up first when sorting from newest to oldest. But filtering “after empty” doesn’t show anything and there is no filter “equals” for date values.

Any suggestions?

@Victor @Flawless maybe you can help?

Put an input into your custom list and pre-fill it with the date of the record. Use a visibility setting to hide the item if the date is empty or display if empty. Tested and works with both “date” and “datetime” properties.

You can hide the input by making it small + invisible (disabling colors / opacity to 0)

thanks for the quick response! It kinda doesn’t really work. I think the problem is, that I have about 1200 entries in that collection and they all have to be loaded because this is not a real filter. And the hidden group leaves an empty space, so I can scroll down but can’t find any visible items.

Also I now want to perform an Action on each filtered Item (with the countdown component) which only should be performed when the date is empty.

It’s a one time database update that would have easily been possible with the API in Legacy Pro but since I got force downgraded to new Professional I don’t have API access anymore.

I just tried it with reverse scroll with a similar result. Now at least I saw a visible record but need to scroll several times, but then the app seems to break due to the amount of data.

I tried doing it in bulks by filtering the creation date, but the date filter values only go back 1 year and I can’t add custom date values to the filter

Set item spacing to 0 and use a spacer rectangle at the bottom of the list to eliminate extra spacing.

If you want further assistance with this matter, feel free to book a mentoring session with me.

Hi @silentdrummer,

If you need to fix the records with empty dates, you could re-upload the whole collection with CSV import, it’s even possible to keep the relationships (except M2M). Of course you need to test before.


@Flawless thanks for the tip with the item spacing! I now managed to perform the update although it took ages. I also realized that the Date Picker Component is broken on the web browser, is this a known issue or should I report it?

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