Make sure that there are no duplicate job numbers

i need to make sure that there are not duplicet numbers so could it look for it first

Hi @GrantWoods ,

Use a collection of 1 record and save the last number there.

Search for app settings app, I made example of customer id in 3 segments such as 100-000-001

With this, you can keep the running number and no need to worry of duplicate number.

i am takeing numbers from quickbook and putting them in to adalo it there a way to tell adalo to look for the duplicate before saving

You can look if there’s a record with the same number with that collection count!

Check this video made by Victor! : Adalo Hints: how to prevent from creating duplicate records in the collection - YouTube

And you can check this video made by Nathan too! : Adalo Prevent Duplicate Records & allow user to update existing record instead. - YouTube

Hope I understood you correctly!

Thank you

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