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Hello guys. I am trying to develop an application in adalo for confectionery. It would be like this: If you have a recipe and when the person decides to use the recipe that contains the necessary ingredients automatically by using the recipe, the ingredients are subtracted from the stock. My complication is that I’m not following the ingredients in the sketch. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? It is like ? Thank you very much.

@Paulo welcome to the community!

Here’s what you can do to build your functionality:

  1. Create 2 collections (Recipes, Ingredients)
  2. Setup many:many relationship between both the collections.
  3. Recipes collection should have ingredients consumption indicator (ex: Recipe banana bread - 2 bananas, 200gms flour, 2 eggs, etc)
  4. Ingredients collection should have list of all your ingredients and their stock positions (ex: 20 Bananas, 2kg flour, etc)

Now when a user browses through the recipes and use one of them, deduct the recipes required ingredients quantity from the ingredients available stock.

Hope that helps!

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Friend thanks for responding.

But I need to detail a few things, each ingredient in the recipe is numeric.
The person wants to add the ingredients that his recipe needs and automatically must leave the ingredients or the quantity used in that ingredient out of stock.

Example: Orange cake recipe
In stock I have 30 units of eggs, but I will only use 4 eggs in this recipe, so I should have 26 eggs left in the stock. Understood?
My question is, how do I do this?

I’ve done it I’ve created 2 collections (recipes, ingredients)
I set up many: many relationships between both collections.
And collection of recipes already put indicator of consumption of ingredients

Yes, you should have all the ingredients in numeric to make this work.

When a user selects a recipe and confirm he’s used it, you can proceed to update the Ingredients collection with respective quantities consumed by the user for that particular recipe.

ex: Orange cake recipe
Update Ingredients table Quantity >> Eggs Quantity - Recipe eggs quantity (i.e. 30-4)

when you do this, the quantity of the available will become 26 because you already updated it with previous users consumption details.

Update: I think this needs a bit more than what I shared above and earlier post, will try and give you a clonable template to make this work.

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