Best external collection for adding recipes?

Hi there,

I´ve searched the forums but cant find a good answer for my need.

I’m building and app for IOS and android with food recipes. Im looking for a backend solution to add recipes easily when the app is launched. What I need to add in the backend is image and some text strings.

I found out that Xano would work for this but then i need the “Team package” for 160USD /month…(?).

Does anyone know about a cheeper solution for this?


Have you checked Adalo database? Why do you need something for else for such simple data as image and text strings?

thanks for your reply.

But can I use/update the info in Adalo Database when the app is released?


What I’ve seen, all data stored in Adalo tables are editable after release of application. Each time when appocation is started it makes request to adalo and takes last version of the data

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If you don’t need to store your users on Xano, you don’t need the team plan, you can use the professional plan and just set up your recipe database as external collection, while keeping users internal to Adalo.

Can´t I just use the Adalo database for the recipes as well? Then I will just need the “starter plan”?

52 USD per month is a lot when its an solo project :wink:

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Yes, Adalo DB works fine, was just scanning the forum for Xano questions that weren’t answered :slight_smile:

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I have an recipe app published days ago and I only use the Adalo database. I have for now 500+ recipes published. The trick is always check “Load items when users scroll” in all list

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thanks for the tips! Do you mind sharing the name of your app? :slight_smile: