Making Friendly URL's work

Morning, has anyone made friendly url’s work yet?

I believe last update was that the maker was supposed to put out a demo video but I haven’t been able to find it yet. Am I right, @Colin?

(creating this topic as the previous one got closed)

That is unfortunately still the case. Hopefully, the maker of it will be able to produce a tutorial for this soon. I have reminded them again about it on Slack.


I’d recommend pulling the component if there’s zero documentation or support. This is scary considering these are the very early days of the marketplace with less than 20 components and proper documentation isn’t being provided much less the component being fully functional.

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No doubt we have improvements to make in this. But as you said, it’s early days and we are learning from these events :slight_smile:

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I did some test but I did not succeed :frowning: :frowning_face:
Is the component functional?

Also tried to make this component work, without success :-/…

As I can see in Browser Inspector, the script is being loaded, but doesn’t work for some reason :frowning:

We discovered that this component is currently not functioning correctly and have advised the creator to create some fixes for this and resubmit the component.

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Thanks for the update. It would be good to know also how friendly URL works with “missing data”.

In the travel example the friendly URL could direct to a “Trip details” screen, but this screen might have a second “current…” on it. Would the friendly URL cover this, or would this data be missing?

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