Creating a saas with Adalo

Hi everyone,

I am creating a saas where the software delivered to the client is an Adalo app. The problem is that every client need a different configuration for their app, because they will have a different database and branding, and even the disposal of some buttons will be different for every client.

With the new pricing plan of Adalo, in which I need to pay for every app I publish, the profitability of the saas will decrease dramatically. Do you have any idea of doing it in the same app?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Javi, I’m also doing a similar model for SaaS with Adalo. If you look in the pricing it says that if you have a different model you should contact them to make it work for you and Adalo :slight_smile:

hope it helps


Hi Axme, thanks for the replay.

Some idea have ocurred to me, but I don´t know if it is possible. In the pricing page it says that all apps that share the same database are considered one app. So then, you can create multiple apps sharing the database but using filtering you can have the data you want to appear, right?

It´s complicated to configure but then it´s not necessary to pay for every app you want to publish.

What you say is possible!
I would also reach out to Adalo support and ask about if they can give custom pricing for your use case

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