Many to many relationship to control courses and attendes to each course by date

Hi, I’m totally new to Adalo and I don’t really understand how to do this. I want to do a course control with your students, this is a many to many relationship, but when I put that a course can be given in several dates here I am missing how to do it? I have to do an intermediate table to have that detail? yes yes, how would be the relationship between the table students, courses and the one that has the detail of the course, the date and the person?

Thank you very much fpr your help!

Create students and course collections. Add relationship as one course can have many students. Dates and details are only going to be fields in course collection.

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The same course can be given on different dates, how do I solve this part so I don’t have to register each time the course with its date?

You can either create different rows with same course name or you can create another collection batches and place the date field and connect students collection in here.