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Hi everyone, how do I filter many to many relationships, because when I filter there are only All and Count options.

If it’s a one to many relationship I can filter by linking the ID, but when I filter many to many there is only All and Count.

Hi Agung

You cannot filter Many to Many in Adalo, There have been many discussions on this matter with “workaround” ideas that do the trick.

So what exactly does many to many do in Adalo?

I don’t mean to compare, but this glide is very easy.

It does alot…for example in my Tutoring App. I have many tutors that teach the several subjects each so:

A certain Tutor teaches Many subjects
A certain subject has Many tutors teaching it

Hence my relationship between Tutors & Subjects is M2M. Tutors can add & remove subjects from their tutoring profile as desired

Now I have Clients that require a tutor to teach maybe more than 1 subject (say 2 subjects). Therefore I need to filter the Tutor collection to show only those tutors that can teach the stated 2 subjects.
M2M filter does not exist in Adalo so I did a workaround.

The Client relationship with Subjects is not M2M but 1 to Many. Now I set up 2 filters…one for each subject. I allow my Clients to select up to 4 subjects so I have 4 filters (each on a screen).
I now need to direct the Client to the relevant Filter screen depending on the number of subjects selected

1 subject >>> Filter 1 screen (1 filter active)
2 subjects>>>Filter 2 screen (2 filters active)…& so on

The drawback is obviously the “4 subject limit” I have enforced

There are other ways you can devise a sort of "M2M filter using several 1 to M filters

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