Map API error (Location Data is Not Available)

I’m seeing a map API error when I try to search an address in a form that I’ve built.

I’ve checked that I have an API key, all necessary components in google are enabled, and I have billing sorted out.

The Map component itself works if I use magic text and current user location, however form inputs keep giving an error like this.

Hi @scaution,

Check whether if you have enabled all these APIs!

My guess is that you haven’t enabled the Places API.

Thank you

Thanks @dilon_perera I thought I had it enabled (I clicked through all the setup links for maps in the Adalo help area and enabled), but I think that’s what it was. Thanks for your help!

Your welcome!

It’s working right?

Yep, I just enabled the places piece and it’s pulling data now.

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Awesome! Good Luck!

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