Map markers in the wrong position when opening the app

When I first open my app the markers on map are not displayed in their actual position.
If I go another page and then come back then the markers will be in their correct location.
Any advise ?

Hello, what information did you include in the (Marker address)?

Thank you!

Worth a try recreating the map?
This post from yesterday might be connected.

Full address

Not sure, had this problem since I first built the app three months ago

Is the list of the locations filtered inside the map?

I would change your setup to lat / long for a test and suggest changing long term too.

When you first lookup the address in your app, save separately the lat / long into their own fields in your table.

This will save you app actions and Google API actions.

Post a link to your app if you like.

yes, closest to farthest - top 25

How would I do that ? And does that mean I need to reinsert the coordinates of all the markers ?

No location permission? Could cause that error.

Great looking App
Maps worked fine for me. Loaded really quickly.
I don’t have location permission on.

Yes there is a bit of work involved but you could likely do it in a custom list with countdown timer.

But to be honest it worked so quickly I wouldn’t worry for now unless you are aiming for perfection.

Yeah also the app store is giving me trouble with that but I don’t really understand: I set up the action when you get to the first page to send the location permission and I set up the purpose string in the app request permission. Any idea ?

By the way thank a lot for the help mate I really appreciate it

Hello, concerning the location you can change the marker address to be according to the Latitude and Longitude. Concerning the app store, it might be because you need to add the message that will appear to the user for the location permission. You can edit it inside the publish section.

Thank you!

I just double checked: I have another 2 maps in the app and they don’t seem to show ant problem regarding the misloaction of the markers and in the publish section I already set up the location permission message :sweat_smile:

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