Map only shows one "location"

I’ve added a map and API key, I’ve got a list of locations that I want to show on it, but it is only showing one location. I have it set to “multiple markers”, and it was showing 2 at one point, but now it’s only showing one. Any ideas? Anyone else run into this problem?

I haven’t had this. I have had multiple markers close to each other and an outlier that makes the map zoom out and cluster of markers appear as one.

Create a list on the same screen with the same filter conditions. Check to see how many results are returned in that list. If more results than markers then…

Check in the inspector view of your browser for the raw data of the map list and compare with the list you have created.

What’s weird is that it seemed to be working yesterday, but now it’s not. I only had two items on my list, as I was wanting to test. As soon as I added more, they weren’t showing up. I’ve deleted the items on the list that I had yesterday — the ones that were showing up — and now nothing shows up and it defaults to NY City as a location.

I think I figured it out. I copied the map and it somehow defaulted to “Name” instead of “location”.

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