Filtering Listings on Map

Hi, I am having some difficulties with the “MAP” component in Adalo.

I have added a map component in one of my screens. I have included a drop down form which connects with the screen the map is located on, the drop down is meant to allow users to filter what the map shows and what it doesn’t show based on categories of listings.

When I preview my app, I go to the drop down form, I pick one of the categories for the map to show, it works perfectly for like a split second, meaning it only shows the listings on the map which fall under that category and filters out the rest but then after that one second, all of the other listings of other categories appear as well, and that is the problem.

Please help!

Hi @illyricus,

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Could you show this behavior along with your setup through a video?

Thank you

Thank you for your reply but this issue has now been resolved. The problem was that I had put the filter events component in another screen (different to the Map screen) and every time I left the filter component screen (after making a filter selection), the filter component would reset and therefore, the map would show all listing again.

The solution was to put the filter and map component on the same screen.

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