Maps & Address redirect

Is there no simple way to click on an address and have it open in maps?? not google maps but whatever maps are relative to the device

Currently Adalo doesn’t support this…

When linking to a phone number, you can use “tel:(555)-555-5555” which links to the native calling app on the phone. I’m not sure there’s a map option like this, but it’s in the realm of possibilities.

Both apple maps and google maps have ways to insert directions by using an external link with smart text

Apple Guide:

While I know this isn’t an ideal solution, the google maps option works well for me since it’s quite universal and links directly to the google maps app.

Hope this helps.


To add off that - you can set a user toggle for “google maps or apple maps” in the user setting within your UI that changed a true/false field “Apple Maps” or google. Then make two “directions” buttons and base the visibility setting on the logged-in user’s map preference.

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