Simple Google map link possible? How?

I would like to click an icon, that uses a weblink (I assume), and opens Google maps to a users address/location. (so, there is no map in the app needed)

Input: Each supplier would enter their address (on signup/profile) ?
or, link from google maps? which?

Output: the shopper would tap the icon, it opens up google maps to the suppliers location. Hopefully, the shopper can just tap, get directions once inside Google maps.

I was hoping for a simple solution without needing an API (or 4 of them)

I cannot find documentation or a video that covers this. Perhaps because it’s really simple and I am just missing something.

Hate to bother the community for such a simple feature. So, thank you ahead of time for any help or links to help.

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Ti Toddy,

This is quite easy to do with maps universal links + magic texts
Only issue is that the only way to ‘open’ the link with Adalo is to use the link–>website action. Which on iOS doesn’t open the google maps app immediately, but the in app browser with google maps. No big issue (for me).

Follow this link for the info you need! Get Started  |  Maps URLs  |  Google Developers


Thank you. Sounds simple and should work.

I do understand what you mean by website action.
I will follow the links you have provided.

I don’t understand “universal” link.
Does this mean, the URL link from the browser window? (as opposed to the “share” link provided by google)

thank you.

I have tried this type of link. hasn’t worked, yet

Hi Todd,

With ‘universal link’ they mean a url that works for opening installed apps regardless of whether you are on iOS or android.

You would need a to create a url like this:

Which would work like:

You can use different kinds of lookups/directions/etc. Check their documentation for that.

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Google is quite handy at getting the right spot if you just throw some info their way, so no need to be super specific in my experience :wink:

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I understand your / Google’s definition, now. Simple enough.

I tried a few more possibilities… still can’t get it to work…
I’ll keep reading and experimenting… mmm

Don’t forget to put this in the url. It’s mandatory

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Did you get it to work?

Nope. Will be back on it, shortly. Appreciate you following up.

I did find a few potential sources of the problem… I’ll check back in.

Thanks, Steven!


I had to take care of some personal stuff last week. back on it…

Can you tell me the steps you took to create the (Washington) link above?
Or, where did you copy/paste it from? I think that would do it.

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Hi Toddy,

No worries.
I just followed the instructions on the page about the universal links: Get Started  |  Maps URLs  |  Google Developers

You can just paste (for example with magic text) something after and google will do its magic.

If you want to open in directions specifically you would have to look up on how to change the url.

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You’re awesome. Thank you!

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